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Fidia Pharma Middle East


Ui / UX design
iOS & Android app development

Project overview:

  • Fidia Pharma introduced products based on hyaluronic acid commercially available in more than 70 countries
  • Many Physiscians were interested in the product because of the products’ effectiveness
  • The application of these products were however tricky for most of the physicians
  • Since different products had unique application methods, the product became less popular.

How we made an impact:

The Solution

  • iOS and Android mobile applications for Fidia Pharma.

  • The application gives proper medical application guidelines of
    ‘HAVE’ products for physicians across the globe with multiple language options.

  • The mobile apps also feature video module of
    products to give exact application methods

  • Now the app is being used around 70 countries in the world

User Interface

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Have Movement
For Android


Have Movement
For iOS

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